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CANES Common Cell Phone Usage Procedures
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016
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Technology @ Lunch

* Students are allowed to use their cell phones during their lunch break to listen to music or to text friends/family.

* Music cannot be played in the lunchroom and must be played at a personal level only outside, no portable speakers or amplifiers.


Cell Phone Procedures

* Students will be allowed to use their cell phones during lunch break only as long as office referrals for FHS do not exceed 45 for the month.

* Once 45 FHS office referrals have been reached for the month, the use of cell phones will be off-limits until next new coming month.


Zero Tolerance

* Cell phones must be put away before leaving the lunchroom or outside break area.

* Cell phones used in the building or on the hallways will be confiscated, resulting in being kept for 30 days or paying $30 dollars to get back.

* Videoing/uploading other students and faculty members to social media sites are prohibited, cell phones can be confiscated for inappropriate posting.


FHS Administration – has the right to banned cell phone use during lunch for failure to maintain the following areas.


Area Beautification

* The lunchroom must remain clean, no food or trash on the floor.

* The restrooms must remain trash free and toilets flushed.

* Outside lunch break area must be trash free.

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