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Saturday School Information
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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Saturday School is offered at Fitzgerald High School twice a month to assist students who may need additional academic assistance, make up instructional time for excessive absences/tardies, and as one of the strategies for addressing disciplinary actions.  

Where:  FHS Cafeteria

Time:  8:00 AM- 2:00 PM


Sept. 10th & 24th  Oct. 8th & 15th Nov. 5th & 19th  Dec. 3rd & 10th
Jan. 14th & 28th  Feb. 4th & 25th  Mar. 4th & 25th  April 1st & 22nd
May 6th & 13th       

Saturday School Schedule:

7:30-7:55:  Sign In (No student will be admitted after 7:55)
8:00- 10:45: 1st Session
10:45- 11:15: Morning Break (Snack & Restroom- No outside food is to be ordered or delivered to students)
11:15- 2:00: 2nd Session

Students may cancel 1 absence for each sessions 1 & 2 (ALL DAY) of Saturday School completed.

Students may cancel 2 tardies to school for each session attended of Saturday School completed.

8:00 AM- 2:00 PM: 1st and 2nd Sessions (ALL DAY) for Absences/Academics/Discipline

Saturday School Protocol:

1. Must be in the cafeteria by 7:55 am.  Late students will not be admitted- No Exceptions.  Must remain the entire session.  Must adhere to all rules in the student handbook.

2. Students are not allowed to park on campus during Saturday School hours.

3. Electronics (all) are not allowed at Saturday School- student will be sent home. 

4. Must come prepared with assignments, books, paper, and pencil/pen.

5. Must remain academically engaged throughout the entire session.

6. Must remain in the authorized area at all times, unless given permission by staff member.

7.  No eating or drinking in the computer lab.

8. Suring unauthorized websites will not be tolerated.  Violators will be sent home.

9. Leaving campus is not allowed, even during break time.  Violators will be sent home.

10. Students referred to the office for discipline problems will be sent home.  


Paperwork regarding Saturday School attendance must be completed and returned to Mr. Sirmans by Friday (noon) before the Saturday School that week. 

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